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OUR MISSION is to custom design and manufacture our exclusive "Clearly YOU" line of changeable, personalized, clear pocket handbags, accessories and interchangeable designer cards to promote the learning process for all ages, and to inspire and motivate individuals daily through the unique Daily Window Products' patented display window featured on each of the Daily Window bags and accessories -for information, happiness, and encouragement on the go.

Daily Window is an amazing Lifestyle concept of changeable and personalized handbags that lets you express yourself differently every day with the same bag! Each of our Daily Window Bags features the exclusive patented clear display window on the front of each bag for you to see and share anything you place in the handy zipper sealed pocket. Maybe you want to show off your Kid's Photo on Monday, but you want to tuck your Shopping List in on Tuesday. How about Baby's Schedule, Maybe it's an Uplifting Message or Daily Quote for Wednesday, a Checklist for your meeting on Thursday, or a Beautiful Sentiment for that date with your honey on Friday. Your Daily Window® is so versatile and "clearly" about you and your message!

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You can show off anything you would like to view, learn or create: Digital Cards, Paper Crafted Cards, Hand Sewn cards, Motivational Quotes, Sayings and Verses, Photo Memories, Lists, Schedules and more. You can use Craft Stickers, Stamps, Paper Embellishments, Digital Embellishments, Artist papers & Backgrounds, and even Ready Made Cards to Create your Own signature look. The possibilities are endless! How about creating a card to carry as a professional statement? The options are limitless!

All of our Daily Window changeable handbags & purses come equipped with their own sample Background Cards, blank "do it yourself" Cards,Embellishment kit and mini Motivational Quote Cards to get you started. Just add your embellishments, photo memories, and your inspirational theme and you're ready to go. Your Daily Window Bag can also be used as a photo tote to display photo memories and favorite photography. Each day will be a reflection of YOU. You will have lots of fun sharing your designs, personal themes, and interests with those your meet.

What could be better than sharing your beliefs, your look, story and style in your changeable Daily Window Bag? It's easy to change your look to match your mood - anytime you want! Where else can you find that? You won't want to be without one of these amazing bags at your side, on the go. You will love it, and so will your friends when they see you!