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Tanya Memme-
When I saw the Daily Window Bags, I was truly impressed. The quality, craftsmanship, and durability is AWESOME! After I finished making my card to insert into the bag, I thought; this would make a Great Gift for my mom! So I sent it to her. When she got it she was so excited! She said it was the best gift I could have ever given her. With the photo of my daughter and I on the handmade card I inserted into the window of the bag; I was able to give her a little piece of myself. My mom lives 3000 miles away, but; she now feels like she gets a little visit from Ava and I every time she uses her bag... which is every day! Thank you Daily Window, love, Tanya

I can't thank you enough for your amazing customer service and generosity. All I do is shop on-line and I have never had such a PERFECT experience. You were quick to respond to my needs, called us personally to update us on our order and when I ordered the wrong bag you made the exchange process seamless. The products I received are also extremely high quality for a great price. I will be a lifelong customer of DailyWindow and spread the word about your great company! Thank you!


Lori McAree
-The Daily Carry-All~
is a great all around bag. I really like that it has two spots for water bottles, a separate pouch inside for small items and lots of room. My laptop fits comfortably with plenty of room to spare for books, notebooks along with water bottles and so much more!! This is a top quality, heavy duty bag that I will be using for years.
Anne Ryan -Urban Sport Tote “Wow - I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of tote bags, but after actually using it on a daily basis, I’m convinced this is really a bag that stands apart from its competition. It's got a great clear window area to insert cards or photos.Equally impressive is the construction and fabric used to create this hip,urban bag. You’ll be comfortable taking it to work, school, meetings and even airports. This bag will live up to all your expectations from day one and look great no matter where you take it. The fabric is trendy and the straps are fastened to the bag with leather strips to make it easy to carry and easy to store. It’s versatile and functional. It has everything you’ll need for what has aptly referred to as portable wisdom.”

Beate Johns -Organizing made easy! Systematic Success Binder~“I knew as soon as I saw it that it would make a great sample book. It has a three ring binder inside it along with three pockets, spots for credit cards (or business cards) and two pens. It has a handle on the side as well as an optional shoulder strap. The binder is made really well, and is so wonderful that my daughter snatched it up as her portable art station. I guess I will have to purchase another one for myself. She added paper in one pocket, page protectors for her artwork to the binder and a regular clipboard in one of the other inside pockets. She also added a ruler and pens inside and is ready to draw anything anywhere.”

Beate Johns-Daily Window Design Cube~ “The cube looks wonderful and comes with four EXTRA strong magnets. Those will hold ANYTHING in place! I don't scrapbook much, but that design cube gets your creative juices flowing right away. I love the black texture the cube comes in. It makes a gorgeous frame for black and white photos or will showcase your favorite stamped images and cards.”

Colleen Schaan- 8 Days a Week Tote ~"The very best part of the bag is that you can customize it by putting artwork, photos, cards, whatever you want - into this clear pocket on the front of the bag. It’s a really nice sized window, so you have lots of room to showcase your work. It is a perfect conversation starter and a stylish way to advertise your business. Now when people ask what I do, I can SHOW them"!

Colleen Schaan- Shadowboxes ~Not Standing in Anyone’s Shadow! ~ I LOVE that there are two full inches of depth to work with as I like to put lots of doo-dads and objects in my shadowboxes and with the Daily Window Design Cube, I’ve got ample room to do just that.Overall, I’m super impressed with the quality, craftsmanship, and stylized look of these cubes and I can’t wait to craft more memories in them!

Heather Pulvirenti - The Daily Window Very Necessary Mini ~ This tote measures 11” x 11” x 2 1/2” and is perfect for those times when you head out to run errands and you don't want the hassle of a large purse or tote. It's large enough to accommodate a wallet, keys, cellphone, etc. without being too bulky. It's made of a high quality microfiber material that resists stains and cleans easily with a damp cloth (or baby wipe).

Lisa Rojas – Eight Days a Week~ Scrapbooking is out of the album! “The Daily Window purses, totes and bags are so easy to use. You simply create your scrapbook page and slide it into the clear plastic pockets, and viola! You’re done! Now you can carry those pictures of your loved ones with you wherever you go. I guarantee you; people will be stopping you in the stores asking how you created your purse”!

Nicole Humphrey- The Best Totes and Bags for a Scrap Booker ~Now that I have these awesome products in my own two hands, I plan to order more. Oh yes, there are at least five more things on the site I really would like to have for myself, and several I am considering for gifts this year. The quality of these totes/bags is unmatched. Seriously.Made of durable materials, the stitching is strong, the totes